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Our Story

Growing up, I and my elder brother had a wardrobe of over sized clothes with the notion that we would grow into them. I guess this was common practice at the time and it didn't help that we usually had identical shirts.

This led us to seek out alternatives and where better to look than my fathers wardrobe. He had an array of sartorial shirts exposing me Neapolitan tailoring at an early age. My brother and I would wear his top quality shirts to school events when he was away on trips and we'd make sure they were laundered and back in place before his return. As you can imagine, we slipped up a few times and got caught.

The finishing, fabric texture and features on each shirt made them worth the risk as they were style statements. At the time, our dad's over sized shirts matched the baggy jean trend so it wasn't so obvious we were wearing "Daddy's" shirt.

In terms of quality and shirts, I haven't looked back since and in 2014 I trained under Pat Henshaw a renowned image consultant with CMB to become a qualified men's image consultant. My mission now is to make Qollars synonymous with Quality by making available the same top quality shirts to men all over Nigeria. The goal is to make Qollars the one stop shop for men seeking great shirts at affordable prices all over the country.

With the growth and evolution of the internet, came the change in the way men shop for clothes. You won't be wrong if you said that men's approach to what they wear and how they look is close to the same enthusiasm as women, which is quite refreshing.

Each of our shirts has its own unique identity with often subtle features that distinguish them once adorned.

We'd love you to join us on this journey of changing the way men discover style and have access to clothes. In return, let us thankfully feed your shirt cravings. It's what we love to do.

Adding value is at the core of the companies philosophy and it's firmly woven into the whole value chain from manufacturing right down to delivering your shirt at your doorstep. My background in supply-chain, logistics, project co-ordination and lean techniques has been vital in ensuring Qollars whole value chain flows seamlessly.

Do make use of the shirt prescription feature, it has saved a lot of men money by helping them select what suits their body shape and complexion.

Thanks for choosing Quality, thanks for choosing Qollars.

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