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How come your shirts are more affordable compared to other made in Italy shirts?

Made in italy shirts don't come cheap and a good number of manufacturers in Italy handcraft the clothes. However, as we retail online only, we have cut out the middle man cost and any costs associated with renting and maintaining a physical store. Giving you the best possible price for the value of the shirts.


Why only 3 sizes?

We have carried out several surveys and interviewed significant number of men. This enabled us to determine what sort of sizes are most popular. We took this a step further with these 3 sizes of 15"/38, 15.75/40 and 16.5/42; our tailored fit 15"/38  size will suit men that find small too tight and medium too large; the tailored fit 15.75/40 will suit men of sizes 15.5 and 16 perfectly, the tailored fit 16.5/42 will suit men that find 16 too small and 17 too large.


Why only Tailored fit?

Italian shirts are usually heavily darted at the back and can be tight for a lot of men. We found a good solution to this by tailoring in the shirts to give every man the perfect fit whatever shape his body maybe.


How does the Shirt prescription work?

This is for men that have had consulted an image or style analyst to determine what colours and clothes suit them. You simply shortlist the clothes that match you based on your analysis by checking your skin tone or style personality as an example. You enjoy all this free of charge.
We also offer an image analysis consultation, please contact us for more on this at

Is the French collar the same as a spread collar?

Yes, it is the same. Different terminology but exactly the same.

Shirt care?  

Dry clean with light starch. Or wash in cold-water with like colors and tumble dry low.

I love the shirts, how do I get more?  

Contact and we'll try to get you the latest available curated shirt.

What kind of fabrics do you use?  

We pull our cotton from the same mills that high-end brands do. Typically our fabrics are 100x2 and 80x2 cottons.    

What should I expect in a package?

Classic staples that will never go out of style. We are never going to send a shirt that would not be appropriate for a professional or casual environment.  

Who are Qollars? 

A company setup to feed your shirt addiction.